About That Place Cafe


"That Place" is a fine casual dine in vibe kind off café, The menu has a lot to offer. The Head Chef and owner has combined all her unforgettable food memories back in the day and put it all in a Fun Simple Quirky menu.
Our ambience is quite Melow, happy and easy on the eyes and so so Happy for proof of that you need to come visit so that you can see what we are on about.

Our MISSION is to bring to you the (Sparkly-tingly) flavors you love on a plate and keep you coming back for more.
Our menu will be constantly changing, keeping you on your toes so you don’t miss out on the new dishes that we serve… So watch out… Prepare to be BUN-DAZZLED.

‘A few words from the owner’

It started as a few but then the passion and love just came flowing out"

I couldn’t agree more! To be honest, in my world it’s even simpler than that; If I’m going to eat it, it had better be good. And that’s what we give you at That Place. We promise you what we consider most important – great food.

The food and dishes I have brought to the menu are all created with love, they are not pricey, they are tasty, they are good quality and wholesome. You will understand this from your first bite with any dish you order from our menu.

I don't do the tiny pieces of food on a fancy plate kind off dishes nor do I use gastronomy, the food we serve at That Place sells because of its flavors, We make everything in house, from the sauces, bread, to the filling, we put utmost care in preparing everything for you

That Place has been brought to you, so that you can kick back relax, eat some buns, maybe some pasta or a flat bread or if not go crazy with the "Huge Cheese Burst Chicken Biryani", Maybe socialize with your friends if the food does not consume your entire attention span.

You have the option to play games or get your own games, order some chai along with our popular desserts or maybe some cheesy flooded buns, if you still got some space in that strong muscular tummy of yours.

Also we guarantee no regret, feelings of shock or worry about your bank balance going really low when the bill comes to you.

What are you waiting for?

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